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ActivID Appliance

for Temenos Connect Digital Channels 


  • Trusted and secure electronic channels that motivate customers to move to more flexible and lower-cost service channels 
  • Strong authentication that addresses user demands for convenience and portability, while reducing the cost of fulfillment and management 
  • Streamlined compliance via a centralized audit trail for customer transactions across channels and products 
  • The ability to quickly deploy additional layers of security to address new threats


  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) in a competitively priced all-inclusive package
  • Accelerated time to production for banks using T24, TCIB, or TCMB
  • Streamlined administration leveraging T24 console
  • Proven expertise and repeated successwith T24 banking environments


  • Temenos
  • OATH
  • VISA®
  • MasterCard®


As banks enhance online and mobile channels in response to competition and user demand, they must successfully address risks associated with authenticating their customers and employees. Strengthening security and compliance is an on-going challenge. HID Global's ActivID® Appliance gives banks using Temenos Connect Digital Channel platforms a unique advantage by accelerating the use of strong authentication. This is accomplished by delivering an appliance pre-configured for Temenos T24 Core Banking (T24), Temenos Connect Internet Banking (TCIB), Temenos Connect Mobile Banking (TCMB), and versatile authentication server all in one cost-effective solution. 

ActivID Appliance provides a complete, versatile authentication solution for banks seeking to easily add authentication, from user name and password to a variety of strong authentication mechanisms. The ActivID Appliance adds strategic value by giving banks deploying Temenos T24 and Temenos Connect Digital Channels the flexibility to meet current and future needs for a range of user, device and service-channel options. The appliance shortens the deployment time with either TCIB or TCMB software, allowing banks to confidently bring innovative products and services to market across multiple service channels. Securing lower-cost service channels drives economically profitable growth for adopting institutions. 

ActivID Appliance includes the following features and capabilities for banks using Temenos T24 and Temenos Connect Digital Channels: 

  • Pre-configured for easy deployment 
  • Automatic creation of user credentials when new users are added via T24 screens 
  • Management of password lock / unlock and other critical authentication processes directly from T24 
  • Track authentication events in T24 user views 
  • Strong authentication and transaction signing for online banking customers 

ActivID Appliance for Temenos Connect Internet and Mobile Banking: How It Works


Versatile Authentication Capabilities 

ActivID Appliance incorporates a versatile authentication server, which is also available as a stand-alone, perpetual software license. This versatile authentication server allows banks using Temenos Connect to use a consistent user verification model across their electronic service channels. ActivID Appliance servers are designed to maximize versatility, accommodate multiple business units and scale to millions of users. 

ActivID Appliance includes the following features and capabilities:

  • A broad choice of authenticators based on open standards (e.g., Initiative for Open Authentication [OATH] and public key infrastructure [PKI] standards), as well as proprietary authentication schemes
  • Transaction signing and verification support for higher risk interactions
  • Centralized authentication, authorization and audit capabilities to strengthen compliance and streamline reporting
  • Device and credential life cycle management 

ActivID Appliance supports a broad range of soft and hardware tokens, smart cards and software tokens.

The ActivID Appliance supports a layered approach that enables organizations to tailor the authentication method (e.g., static password, knowledge-based data, one-time passwords (OTP) or PKI) and authenticator (e.g., hardware token, software token or smart card) to specific user groups and risk levels. By providing an open and extensible framework By leveraging and open, accessible framework, and the add-on ActivID Threat Detection Service, organizations can respond quickly to new online attacks, evolving business requirements, and changing user needs, in one integrated solution. 

Ease of Deployment

ActivID Appliance is pre-configured for banks using T24 and Temenos Connect Digital Channels platforms. In addition, HID Global can assist with deployment related to any of the bank’s unique systems environment and ensures a secure key generation process. This allows the appliance to be easily restored or replaced in case of hardware faults or disaster recovery.

At time of deployment, the implementation services team assures proper integration into the bank’s ecosystem. Customers may opt for additional services, such as customizations and projects related to Connect Internet online banking security, including support for PIN mailers and other associated projects.

The ActivID Appliance can be deployed in aredundant configuration to ensure fault tolerance and high-availability for their mission-critical authentication systems.